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Lyu (Lyubov) is a Manager of the agency that works with men and women of the site (answers questions). You can always reach her by answering notification that are sent to you on the site maibox.

Irina is a director. When you have some problem situation you can apply to Question form on the site (top right corner of any page of the site). She or some other manager will try to answer as soon as possible.If you want to contact Irina then you can find her email on the site of

There are also 4 other managers who work with women on the site (checking, verifying, working with pictures) . Usually they do all the back screen work.and write to girls when it is necessary.

After seven years of having the emails on the site we have decided to take them away (too many letters are lost) and ask you to write to the form Questions on the site or in reply to the manager (to her notifications). . We are buried in spam, and often the mailbox sorts all the main on its own. When I write this lines (19 March 2008) I have 285366 letters in spam box, though it is regularly is cleaned (each month it is emptied).

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